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 Battle Feild Size

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PostSubject: Battle Feild Size   Battle Feild Size EmptyWed Nov 24, 2010 12:35 pm

Anyone ever pay attention to battle feild sizes. and how they change, there is a simple reason for this, the game takes the mob with the biggest range or speed for each side plus an additional 30 on each side, and this is how big your battle feild is.

ie lizards vs lizards will be 300 battle feild size (120+30)+(120+30)

now if you send lizard and a reaper, vs gargoyles battle feild size will be 300 also (30+150)+(30+90)

sending a cat and lizard vs a gargoyle will resault in the same battle feild size as a reaper and cat vs garg.

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Battle Feild Size
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