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 HACK oppertunity?.....at least a map hack

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Lord Red
Coma Forum Beginner
Coma Forum Beginner
Lord Red

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PostSubject: HACK oppertunity?.....at least a map hack   Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:00 pm

So I just had a convo about this mape image that was posted in a PAL chat during an attack.

It had been some time and I was still thinking about it. I decided to ask for more info about it...Below is the text from the other person about it....Thoughts anyone?

so I was thinking about that mapping deal you used to do..showing the drag vs. pho forts

I am trying to figure out what you used to do that

to create the map or get the data?

to get the data is simple, its sent in plain text so any packet sniffer will get you the data

to import the data into the database and generate a map from it I wrote a customer desktop application

well if your phone is unlocked, you can download the free Shark Reader application that basically runs in the background and writes all web traffic to/from your phone to a text file

so you open that, hit start, open pe, scroll around the map for a while, then open shark reader again, hit stop, and copy that file to the computer for import

well it only collects data for where you scroll, so its not going to scan places without you doing the work

what it does is capture the name, user, etc. from the fort without you having to click on it

just that scrolling around you lose perspective and its hard to tell how far you are from the fort you've currently selected

but it is cool too cause I can pick out an individual player, and make all of that player's forts show up in a distinct color, so I use it for deciding who I want to attack out there

so what is the program you import it to

its an application I wrote

it parses the text file to import that into a sql database, then it can generate a map of any area using whatever datapoints are stored in the database

it took me a few hours to write
and then I tweak it every once in a while

like a lot of their patches alter the data format, so I have to update the app to look for the new regex

like for instance, the map data is always from 0,0 to 2999,2999, regardless of whether you are in phoenixland, wz or dragonland

if you organized 40 people they could scan the entire warzone in an hour, though the resulting map would be huge


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Black Jesus
Coma Forum BadAss
Coma Forum BadAss
Black Jesus

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PostSubject: Re: HACK oppertunity?.....at least a map hack   Sat Dec 18, 2010 1:16 am

this is a great idea. we can get rid of village idiot permanently. Not to mention the wz would be easy to take if we stole the big hitters fortresses. If my phone was unlocked i would get this
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Coma Forum Noob
Coma Forum Noob

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PostSubject: Re: HACK oppertunity?.....at least a map hack   Sun Dec 19, 2010 12:36 am

would be nice to have the information no this .. could work wonders
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PostSubject: Re: HACK oppertunity?.....at least a map hack   

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HACK oppertunity?.....at least a map hack
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